Well, it's been a long project. Sometimes we were fast, and other timesthings would slow to a crawl. But throughit all it's been fun. There are good people in the manga scanslating commmunity, and I think we were blessed with many of them. I want to give a huge thanks to all of the people who have donated their time and efforts throughout this endeavor. There are too many for me to list individually. However, I want to give a special thanks to Reishin for stepping up and helping me finish this last volume. Also I want to say thanks to Burnie for picking up the release slack in these later volumes. And let's never forget to thank our translators, especially Mr. Kaiyanwang, Kuyon, Smaller, and the earlier translators whose nicknames I can't recall right now, without whose efforts this wouldn't have been possible. Thanks also go to Balthazar for keeping our website going, getting us good quality scans for many of the volumes, and acting as coordinator for he last few years when things got slow.

Also, thank all of you, the fans, for supporting us and being patient when things were slow. If you liked this series PLEASE show your support by buying it in your preferred language. We just wanted to let all of you english reading people to see how it ended since official english translations are currently non-existant past the first few volumes. Please note SazanQuest did not do any scanslating of those volumes which could be purchased in english at the time. We didn't scanslate this series to rip anyone off and we certainly haven't made any money from doing this project. The raws were actually purchased and imported by our staff members and the web server isn't free either.

So what comes next for Sazanquest? Probably the 3x3 gaidens and perhaps finishing up some side projects. The IRC channel will stay open for as long as I feel like maintaining it. The website will probably be up as long as Balthazar feels like running it.

Until Next we meet...